About Me.

I’m everywhere and nowhere. I start and stop. I reach for the stars and belly flop back to earth.

I do, therefore I am.

I write.

I sit in traffic and record my voice rambling on about what a character is thinking, feeling, what he’s eating for dinner. What I’m eating for dinner.

I think about all the ways my protagonist can start a fight with her mother, her boyfriend, her dog.

I research international airports and use online name generators to brainstorm CIA codenames and clandestine government programs.

What’s the most popular Ford Mustang of all time? The ‘69? Was there a ‘69?

I clear my search history every hour so no one will suspect that I’m poisoning my husband or considering a career in art theft.

I invent Irish myths and court cases and put characters in cities that don’t exist so I can build communities around them.

I write the stories that make me feel more human. The ones that whisper to me in my sleep, sing to me in the shower, and that claw their way into my chest to tug at my heart. I hope my words do the same for you.


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