• Book Review: Wrapped Up In You

    Wrap this one up for a loved one this holiday season. They won’t be disappointed.

  • Book Review: The Right Swipe

    Anyone who has ever used a dating app knows finding their ideal partner is often not as simple as swiping right for yes or left for no. Or, is it?

  • Book Review: Realm

    Alexandrea Weis’ historical fiction novel takes us back to the ancient world where men revered their gods, conquerors were kings and the fate of an empire lay on the battlefield.

  • Book Review: Saving the Scot

    Author Jennifer Trethewey’s Highlanders of Balforss series follows a family of very brave, and delicious, men in Regency-era Scotland.

  • Book Review: Every Last Breath

    Start your summer off right with this first book in a new sexy romantic thriller series by a former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer. You won’t regret going along for the ride.

  • Book Review: Dare to Love a Duke

    In the third book in her London Underground series, Eva Leigh again creates a strong female protagonist who isn’t afraid to take risks and knows her own mind.

  • Book Review: A Duke Changes Everything

    I was invested in these characters. I cared about them, but only because I understood who they were and what they wanted from the beginning.

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