Short Stories

I Can Hear You

My husband is expert at apologizing. He does it so well, he can make me feel guilty.  Like when he tells me he can’t make dinner with my parents on Wednesdays because … Continue reading I Can Hear You


Yeah, he knew her. Those frizzy, corkscrew curls were hard to miss. They stuck straight out and up, like little orphan Annie stuck her finger in an electric socket. The … Continue reading Townie

Best In The County

I hate barbecue. There’s something about the stench of burning meat slathered in a questionable sweet sauce that makes me want to hurl. And no, it’s not because I’m a … Continue reading Best In The County


The thing about Uncle Bob is, he’s not a real person. I made him up. I know it looks bad but, before you judge me, look at her. My date … Continue reading Bob