• On Being Perfect

    On Being Perfect

    Creating something out of nothing is grounded in passion. We dig so deep for it, that we can’t entertain the possibility that the result will be anything less than what we’ve imagined it to be.

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  • Book Review: The Corey Effect

    Book Review: The Corey Effect

    What if the only way to move forward was to look back? In her latest romance, The Corey Effect, author Casey Dembowski teaches us the value of closure and what it truly means to earn a second chance.

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  • 5 Reasons to Create

    5 Reasons to Create

    Why do we suddenly forget all the benefits of engaging in our passions when our worlds get crazy?

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  • An Intro

    An Intro

    Start here to learn more about me and the Krista Marie Writes blog.

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  • Book Review: Throwing Shade

    Book Review: Throwing Shade

    Like the talented and gracious hostess she is, Wilde invites you in, sits you down, mixes you a martini, fills you with tasty snacks and invites you to stay awhile.

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  • Book Review: Promised

    Book Review: Promised

    Garriott’s novel is a quick, delightful read, the desire to turn pages fueled by her effortless humor and clever writing.

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